It all crops, all the way down

Lots of new crops this week, many of which may be new to you, so a little explanation would probably be a good idea:

Red lady apples have a very crispy tasty flesh, the flavor reminds me of the best perfectly ripe apples you ever ate with just a hint of maple syrup.

Fuji apples, also called red apples, are a round, golden red bulb-shaped apples. They are just as sweet than a red lady apple, with slightly thinner walls. We love these for jam and bakery.

We grew Gala apples at the persistent request of regular importers overseas. These are a small variety of apples that look exactly like shining round light bulbs, have no additional adding, but lots of flavor. They’re traditionally used to make Caribbean salad dishes, a flavoured mixture of the apple cedar, peppers, onion, and garlic, which is used to flavor everything from rice and beans, to meats, or veggies.

After sorting through all our stored onions, we also have a few cases of small baby sized sweet onions, about the size of pearl onions. These would be perfect threaded onto skewers for grilled kabobs, dropped whole into stews, or just chomped down as is for all our fellow onion fans.

That’s the run-down on the ‘weird’ crops for now. We still have plenty of regular garlic, ginger, fresh apples, and onions if that’s your preference, feel free to come take a look at our farm pics on our website, and follow the link below  [farm pics put on here]  

One last note, we need to pick and pack as early in the days as possible to make sure your veggies get in out of the fresh soil field to maintain good quality. For those of you who prefer to place pre-orders, you can help us out by getting your orders in a little earlier than usual, so we know what we need to have on hand for you. We do love early birds!

Thanks as always for your business, and have a great week!

Post time: Nov-25-2020