Seasonal crop onion coming out!

One of the more rewarding parts of my job as a good-listener are the little things you all share with me, whether it’s a homemade dishes, a news about your countries, a photo of the agricultural products you grow in lands, or best of all, seeing the crops we’ve harvested over years suddenly shoot up from seeds inside soil to outstretching their shields.  [add a crop pic here in between]  A wonderful soul shared the photo up above with me last weekend. It sums up everything I’ve been trying to say here for the last ten years. I can get fairly long-winded in this space at times. I have absolutely nothing to add to that beautiful note.

Our onions are grown in autumn season annually, except for the tiny rooted onions only grow in the coldest part in the north. As we all known, onions season always seems too short. The reality of it is that we live in a hot, wet, humid climate. Hot, wet, and humid are the perfect conditions for plant disease spores to breed. We do our best to make sure we start with the healthiest possible plants, and give the soil everything a plant could possibly want. Short of moving to a drier climate, or using a lot of nasty fungicides, we usually get a few weeks harvest period. We got a few weeks of onions this year; right on average, and I think it was a pretty good haul for what was an incredibly suitable autumn.

November’s offerings can get a little light as most of our attention is turning towards getting fall and winter crops established, so we all have good things to eat for the back half of the year in the farms.

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Post time: Nov-25-2020