The AGR Garlic Farm, made famous by recommendations from the likes of local consumers, has been growing garlic on the land for years. The harvesting business creates many garlic infused products from fresh garlic to garlic powder.

AGR Garlic Specialist, Manager Wendy Chen, is delighted that the Garlic Farm has agreed to stock their products. Wendy said, “AGR Garlic Farm products are unique in the northern China. No one else supplies such various products. Before we’ve been able to announce the stock’s arrival in the local market, we have virtually sold out of everything we have in stock. The response the products have had from our regular customers has been phenomenal. I can certainly recommend the fresh garlic.”

AGR Garlic Farm products stocked include fresh garlic bulbs, a wide variety of garlic dressings, garlic powder, garlic granules, and garlic oil.

Crisp Xu, Director and co-founder of the AGR Garlic Farm, said, “When other else local farmers approached us to see if they could export their products we were pleased to be able to help.

“We don’t have very many garlic of our products in stock and are delighted to hear that overseas customers are enjoying the range available. We are a bunch of acres of farms based exporter keen to guard our reputation, working with the rural areas fits perfectly with our business ethos.”

If you would like more details about the AGR Garlic Farm and its range of products please visit the website: www.primeagr.com. Garlic Farm products are only available in stock ready to be sold and shipped to your doors with our excellent sales team at the moment.

At the heart of AGR Garlic is a commitment to an organic lifestyle. AGR Garlic Farm is self-contained and a true ‘field to plate’ operation applying the highest standard of sustainability. Using the most sustainable farming practices AGR prides itself on superior tasting fresh apples products from the Asian classical countryside. The organic farming enterprise extends to two farms and has grown to nearly thousands acres. Organic ginger, apples, onions, and garlic when in season, are reared on the farms. AGR Farm stocks the most variable rural products from local suppliers to importer abroad.

The wide range of AGR Garlic Farm products pictured is now available on www.primeagr.com

Post time: Nov-25-2020