• pvc box

    pvc box

    It is an ideal way to package up your fruits, confectionery, vegetables and bakery goods. With the clear plastic, you can see clearly what you have. Great for homemade lunches to take to work and cause you to be more motivated to eat healthy as they are easy to use and there is no cleanup! Now your teens will be taking salad to school as well and definitely fresher and healthier than any cafeteria lunch Salad boxes
  • Good Heat Resistance PET base Film For metalized packing

    Good Heat Resistance PET base Film For metalized packing

    PET film has good printability, excellent dimensional stability, good surface and barrier properties. Widely use for packaging
    PET film is used successfully in a wide range of applications, due to its excellent combination of optical, physical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties, as well as its unique versatility
  • pvc film word

    pvc film word

    PVC plastic sheets is most commonly used for plastic moldings where it is injected into a mold while molten, forming complex shapes at relatively low cost and high volume, examples include bottle tops, bottles and fittings. It can be used as blister packaging rigid PVC sheets.